The Meyer Family Photo Gallery

Family Photos

Mary in AmeriCorps Brian in the Navy

John & Helen


PA Property


Salt Creek

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Family Photos

Richard / Lois & Richard Meyer

Erling & Maren Falck

Eliza & Amelia

(Lulu & Mimi) Larson

Coulon Park in Renton

Brian & John on Beach at Fort Flagler

"The 4 Dudes" 

at Fort Flagler

Dad & John

George & Mary Halloween 84


The Bastinellis 

Christmas 2001

Fairy Goddess

Jeremy & Gabriel

Maltese -

The Fierce Protector

George, Mike, & Dad at Pacific Beach

Stefanie, Alexandra, & Joachim Hueppe

Mary, Anna, Hilary, & Meredith -Christmas 2001

Gabriel sharing a secret with daddy Jeremy

Jeremy & Gabriel enjoying playtime with a friend

Family Christmas in Alaska in the '50s

Family in the '60s

Beach Combing

 for Treasures

Brian -Ace Mechanic

Randy's troops & mine in '85

Betsey Tom & Mary

John & Brian 2002

At Rialto Beach 2000

At Rialto Beach 2000

Brian & Hailey

Adrien & Mary 2002

Brian & Hailey

Wedding Day


Meredith 12/02

Mary & Gabrielle at Grandma's on Christmas Eve 2002

A Snow Angel

Katie the Doorkeeper

Brian & Hailey on their "Special Day"

Gabrielle tells the best stories ever!

GM trekking through the snow in a beautiful place

Snow Bunny 2003


Another Snow Bunny

Skiing hard

See Joachim and Stefanie Hueppe's "New Edition" -photos taken on April 18, 2003 - Age: 5 days